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Полный спектр продукции и оборудования для газификации жилых и промышленных объектов
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Термометр сопротивления для измерения температуры поверхности Wika TR50


Термометр сопротивления для измерения температуры поверхности Wika TR50



  • To measure surface temperatures on flat surfaces or pipes in laboratories and industrial applications

Special Features

  • Application ranges up to max. 250 °C (option: 600 °C)
  • Easily interchanged, no thermowell necessary
  • For screwing, welding or with worm drive hose clip
  • Cable matrerial PVC, silicon or PTFE
  • Explosion-protected version Ex-i, Ex-n and NAMUR NE24



In the case of resistance thermometers for flat surfaces, the probe is installed into a contact block, which can be screwed or welded to the vessel surface. Thermometer designs for pipes will simply be fixed with a worm drive hose clip.


There are various insulating materials available to match different environmental conditions. The free end of the cable is made up ready for connection, or fitted with plugs and/or sockets as optional extras.