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Измерительная вставка для термометров сопротивления со взрывонепроницаемой оболочкой Wika TR10-K


Измерительная вставка  для термометров сопротивления со взрывонепроницаемой оболочкой Wika TR10-K



  • For all industrial and laboratory applications
  • Replacement measuring insert for servicing for flameproof enclosure (Model TR10-L)

Special Features

  • Application ranges from -200 °C to +600 °C
  • Made of mineral-insulated sheathed cable
  • For all standard thermowell designs
  • Spring-loaded design
  • Explosion-protected versions


The measuring inserts per DIN 43 735 for resistance thermometers described here are designed for installation in a protection assembly. Operation without thermowell is only recommended in certain applications. These measuring inserts are made from flexible, mineral insulated sheathed cable. The sensor is located at the tip of the measuring insert. This model is spring-loaded to ensure that the measuring insert is firmly pressed down on the thermowell bottom and conforms to DIN 43 735. Apart from the DIN versions, customer specific versions are available, for example:

  • To suit inner diameter of the thermowell
  • Without terminal block
  • With transmitter

Models with rigid insert tube are also available. Type and number of sensors, accuracy and method of connection can be selected individually for the appropriate application. Adequate heat transfer between thermowell and measuring insert is only ensured when the measuring insert is of correct length and diameter.